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Center for International Indigenous Affairs

Center for International Indigenous Affairs 


The Center for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) was founded in August 2014 with a vision to promote international indigenous research collaboration, raise student awareness on indigenous issues across the world, and engender vibrant exchanges of indigenous academic, education and cultural affairs. CIIA is at the forefront of international connection led by scholars within the college and around the country who are involved as researchers, partners, and drivers of our mission’s priorities.  In the last few years, the center has build up connections with various higher education programs and institutes around the world. CIIA lead by example in conducting international indigenous research and culture exchange to the highest standard and we have a genuine commitment to building pathways for international indigenous knowledge exchange. CIIA is not only for cultural and research exchange, but more importantly, contributes to the wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples and has direct benefit to international institutions we work with.  CIIA welcomes scholars for research and education partnership so that our work allows us to build upon and contribute to the knowledge contained within our global Indigenous world views.


The responsibility of CIIA is as follows:


1. Design or implement international exchanges on indigenous academic, educational and cultural affairs.

2. Investigate in policies and strategies for international affairs of CIS.

3. Establish program and evaluation for international student recruitment, guidance and scholarship for the University.

4. Facilitate the promotion of University’s international exchange programs.