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Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development

Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development


The Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development aims to cultivate professionals and talents in the areas of indigenous development, administration and indigenous social work with an emphasis of the balance between theories and practices, globalization and tribalization, as well as quality and quantity. It currently offers Bachelor and Master degrees. The department inherits humanistic values and caring traditions of the College of Indigenous Studies, aiming to provide services especially for indigenous peoples in eastern Taiwan, and to train researchers, development professionals and social workers for indigenous peoples.

The department is committed to the follow missions::


1. Train professionals in the field of indigenous development and administration,

2. Train talents in indigenous social work and NGO’s,

3. Strengthen the basis of research on indigenous issues for policy-making,

4. Collaborate with communities to provide services in their benefit,

5. Community-based practices and service delivery,

6. Expand the pathways of education for indigenous people.


The department currently has nine full-time faculty members specializing in the fields of indigenous development policies, ethnic studies, social work, law, international relations and politics, human geography, social welfare, ethics and human rights.