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Bachelor Program of Indigenous Performance and Arts

Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication 


Trajectory focus:


Bachelor Program of Indigenous Performance and Arts provides diverse exposure to and training in Taiwan’s Indigenous performance and visual art by collaborating closely with Indigenous groups and communities to engage with expert and professionals as well as educational sectors in the arts, humanities, social sciences and information technology. Building on solid foundation, research capacity and networks of the College of Indigenous Studies, connections with international art innovations, rich heritage of community music and dances, the Program aspires to deepen and promote Taiwan Indigenous art. 


The department is committed to providing quality education that is relevant to indigenous linguistics and communication, for enabling students to participate the language preservation and leading to further opportunities engaging in the future development of indigenous society. 


Career and advanced degree prospects:


1. Graduate school prospects: Our graduates will be suitable and capable of pursuing graduate degrees, both domestic and abroad, in performance art, music and dance, cultural heritage, cultural industry, cultural administration, art management, museum studies.

2. Career prospects: Our graduates are expected to be equipped with practical experiences, skills and extensive knowledge to pursue many careers related to indigenous cultures, arts, music and dance, languages and cultural heritage industries. More specifically, they can prepare for national exams for positions in cultural administration government sectors, or look into positions in indigenous education and research institutes as well as NGOs/NPOs focusing on indigenous arts and cultures.