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College of Indigenous Studies


Founded in 2001, the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS) at NDHU is the first college in Taiwan devoted to the studies of indigenous issues. It currently offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees through three departments, Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, Department of Indigenous Development and Social Work (including the Undergraduate Programs of Indigenous Social Work), Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication, and Bachelor Program of Indigenous Performance and Arts. It also houses four centers each promoting indigenous issues as well as offering resources to students to navigate through campus life and career. CIS missions is currently focused on the following directions:


1. Indigenous development issues and theoretical framework,

2. Indigenous education,

3. Influence over policy-making,

4. Maintain and development indigenous cultures,

5. Community-based practices and service delivery,

6. International Indigenous Research Center.


With the growing number of graduates who are committed to work in various areas with and for indigenous people, CIS has enjoyed a nation-wide reputation in educating a generation of indigenous youth to serve indigenous peoples.